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Publised On:Aug 30, 2023


We are pleased to confirm that PeopleCert has approved Tecknologia's PRINCE2 7 accreditation application. Our courses PRINCE2 course are are open for registration from September 04, 2023.

PRINCE2® was first launched in 1996, and has had six editions (before current release), the last update was released in 2017 referred to as PRINCE2 6th edition.  PRINCE2 7th edition (latest edition of PRINCE2) seeks to respond to a number of changes that have taken place in the world and in the discipline of project management since then.

What’s New in PRINCE2 7th Edition?

  • Integration of People: People are central to successful projects and now they are integrated into the PRINCE2 method.
  • Project performance: Sustainability has been added as a seventh aspect of project performance to reflect modern organisational needs.
  • Digital and data: To meet the evolving needs of project management professionals the addition of a digital and data management approach.

What has not changed in PRINCE2 7th Edition?

The essence of what a project is remains the same – it is temporary, it is product-focused, and there should always be an ongoing business justification.

The overall structure of PRINCE2 is clearly recognisable, as the new edition has principles, practices (what were previously called themes) and a set of processes that make up the lifecycle of a project in the way that the previous version also did. However, within and alongside those principles, practices and processes there has been a number of changes, additions and deletions. This document aims to explain what has changed.

Diagrams have been updated, and four project scenarios added to illustrate how PRINCE2 can be used in practice for different types of projects.

Tecknologia is pleased to offer following PRINCE2 7th edition courses:

Happy learning with Tecknologia !