Management of Value (MoV 2015 Edition) Handbook

Management of Value (MoV 2015 Edition) Handbook

Management of Value (MoV 2015 Edition) Handbook

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Title: Management of Value (MoV 2015 Edition) Handbook

ISBN: 9789925600359

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Book Description

MoV® (Management of Value) provides essential guidance on maximising value and making better use of resources.

The definition of value proposed by MoV embraces both monetary and non-monetary benefits, and argues that the subjectivity of value increases the need for it to be actively managed. MoV provides a method, which is supported by techniques, in order to allocate scarce funds as effectively as possible.

MoV has evolved from many years of successful value management practice and is relevant to portfolio programmes and projects. The guide is aimed at individuals who direct, manage, support and deliver portfolios programmes and projects.

Organisations and professionals rely on MoV, a successful, proven methodology, to in order increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

Management of Value (MoV®) manual is helped by principles, processes, and techniques that will help organization optimize the benefits of their portfolios, programmes, and projects. Management of Value (MoV) explains how to use resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. Management of Value (2015 Edition) handbook is the source of MoV Foundation and Practitioner certification trainings and exams.

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