MSP or AgilePgM

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Publised On:Jan 23, 2021


Choosing the right programme management framework is one of the first steps towards successful delivery of a programme. Decision of going Agile or not is also a fundamental in this quest. 

Here we have put together a brief guide here for professionals encountered by such situation where they need to make a choice of methodology. 

Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®) has been developed by APMG in participation with Agile Business Consortium which provides comprehensive best practice guidance on how to manage organisational change using Agile practices.

Here is a short list of Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) benefits.

  • Deliver transformational change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk by continuous realization of benefits and validation of programme goals against business strategy
  • Complements and works with existing corporate methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2®, MSP, Agile Project Management) and quality & audit processes.
  • Improves rigour and visibility around programme management, leading to a proven track record of successful programme outcomes in a corporate environment.
  • Simply adopt a tried and tested approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific agile programme management process.
  • Achieve better communication and control over programmes and just in time planning without disrupting the programme budget, timescale and vision.
  • Develop professionalism in employees and include agile certification in employee professional development schemes.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is a globally recognised framework for best practice programme management. 

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is specifically designed to address the most common challenges that organizations encounter when leading investments in change. It is designed to align programmes and projects to organizational strategy and to provide programme governance. It focuses on the outcomes of benefits, whilst mitigating risks and actively engaging stakeholders. 

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) 5th edition consists of a set of principles, themes and processes that provide a clear roadmap for the programme lifecycle and ensure successful organizational outcomes: 

  • The 7 Principles
  • The 7 Themes
  • The 7 Processes

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) 5th edition emphasizes more flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle and thus enabling organizational agility. 

Deciding between MSP and AgilePgM is not a question of Agile or not, rather it is a question of how much Agile the programme is intended to be. MSP has a comprehensive set of principles, themes and processes and so does AgilePgM. Both Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)  and Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) encourage tailoring to suit the needs of programme and/ or the organisational context. 

It is highly recommended to engage experts in Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)  and Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) to help any organisation decide between these two for managing their programmes and also tailor the chosen framework to gain maximum benefit from the same. 

Credit: APMG International and Axelos.