Integration of People in PRINCE2 Method

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Publised On:Aug 02, 2023


Why Integrate People into The Framework?

The purpose of a project is to deliver change, which will affect people in their business as usual (BAU) activities, routines, and responsibilities. How well the change is implemented, and therefore how well the project performs, depends on the capabilities of the project team, the strength of the relationships between them, and the people impacted by the change.

We understand that organizations are a complex ecosystem of fluctuating relationships. Projects change organizations, regardless of whether or not it is their primary purpose. The success of a project will depend on how well the project establishes strong relationships with the organizations that support its delivery, as well as how it fits into the organizational ecosystem to deliver the change.

Projects combine a unique set of people from across the business, user, and supplier communities for a limited period of time. To successfully deliver the project, all levels of leadership must establish a project culture that motivates people.

Decisions should be made close to where the relevant knowledge resides. They should be escalated only if there is a need to consider the impact on other parts of the project ecosystem, the organizational ecosystem, or to manage wider political implications.

Considering all the human interfaces, needs and necessitates of a project ecosystem it was essential that a project management framework like PRINCE2 comes up with guidance around how to successfully navigate all the challenges that arise from such quarters. 

The People Chapter in PRINCE2 7

The new people chapter is the largest single addition to PRINCE2 in 7th edition. The core message of the chapter is that “people are central to the method”. Successful projects need people, and the chapter explores three people focused activities:

• Leading successful changes

• Leading successful teams

• Communication

People chapter in PRINCE2 7th Edition Manual explains how people factors permeate the seven PRINCE2 principles, as well as showing how people factors are important in the practices and processes of PRINCE2.