Explaining AgilePM for Scrum

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Publised On:Mar 10, 2023


Agile project management is increasingly becoming the new norm in project management world. Organizations are embracing Agile approaches to become more efficient and effective at reacting to dynamic challenges surrounding them.

AgilePM (for project management) and Scrum (for product development) are two of the world’s leading agile approaches. Scrum no doubt serves the product development very well but the broader business context, in the world we live in, needs more than product development conviction only. A vast majority of organizations, especially larger corporates, public sector bodies and charities organize their work as projects (and programmes), and rightly so.

Agile product delivery via Scrum can achieve only a fraction of its full potential when overseen by traditional project intellect. An attempt to use Scrum in an environment augmented for a traditional project approach is unlikely to work well unless the roles, responsibilities, customs, practices and, most importantly, the mindset associated with the defined approach is attuned. 

This created the perfect space for the marriage between Agile Project Management (AgilePM) and Scrum frameworks. AgilePM for Scrum introduces a framework that deals with the coordination of multiple development teams in the context of a single outcome or product. It presents a strong customization of AgilePM (for agile project management) designed to integrate seamlessly with Scrum (for agile product development) in a single framework which intended to bring together the powerful simplicity and persuasive agility of Scrum for product development (as described in the Scrum Guide 2020) with key elements of AgilePM that bring agility to the much broader project context within any organization.

AgilePM for Scrum framework delivers a flexible, full project lifecycle framework for organizations to deliver value from any discipline, industry, or function challenged by volatility, uncertainty complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in their working environment. It offers a lightweight, scalable project approach that builds on the foundations of Scrum and it is seamlessly applicable to IT/software- and non-IT/software-centric projects and environments.

Always on the lookout for innovation and agility, Tecknologia is pleased to be one of the first Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), by APMG International, authorized to offers AgilePM for Scrum Trainings and Certification globally.