COVID19 and Social Responsibility of Training Providers

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Publised On:Feb 07, 2021


Hundreds of thousands of jobs, if not more, have been affected around the globe since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year resulting in equal number of families going through financial difficulties.

Professionals going through such difficult situations often try to enhance their skills and gain professional certifications in order to increase their chances of landing another suitable job. In desperation, professionals spend huge chunks of their savings on acquiring trainings and certifications.

While global training industry has seen a huge drop in corporate demand for trainings, there has been a surge in demand for trainings by professionals affected by COVID-19. Most of the classroom trainings have been converted into virtual classroom trainings, keeping the possibilities of being trained by professional trainers still alive.

The unprecedented time of our lives demands unprecedented empathy and support from all quarters of life. Unfortunately, some of the global players in the industry have been still busy hoarding profits. Such players would not be wrong in claiming that they have slashed the prices of their trainings. However, they forgot to slash their profits.... rather they slashed the day rates of their permanent and contract trainers.

Verified evidences confirm that biggest players in the industry are the most unethical. Some of mentioned training providers declared millions of pounds in pre-tax profit, in their tax returns for past fiscal year yet instead of supporting their trainers in such difficult times they resorted to reducing the pay rate to only a fraction of pre-covid date rates.

Tecknologia not being a big player in the industry has still done its bit. While big players in the industry continued making profits, Tecknologia has been fulfilling their social responsibilities by helping out the professionals (on furlough and/ or facing redundancy/ joblessness) in need.

Between February 2020 and January 2021, Tecknologia's 23% delegates attended their trainings completely free while 50% received 50% or more discount on their trainings. COVID-19 is not done and dusted and so isn't Tecknologia's support for affected professionals.

While you next choose a training provider for your learning needs in future, consider the facts and support those who have supported the professionals in need at the time when they needed it most.