Change Management as An Emergent Profession

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Publised On:Aug 13, 2021


The rapidly changing demands in professional organizations in 20th, and the beginning of 21st century placed significant importance on effective organizational change management. As such Change management has  emerged as value adding discipline and profession. 

Success in delivering organizational change initiatives has been patchy at best, and research has begun to identify the range of factors that predispose an initiative to succeed. A need has become clear for people with a particular range of knowledge and competence to help organizations apply these insights effectively.

No Longer in its infancy, change management is clearly ‘a reality out there’ in the world. It is finding a distinctive voice and making its own impact. We are yet to see its final ‘mature’ form. Hence, in developmental terms the change management profession could be considered to be in its ‘adolescence’. It may sometimes be susceptible to a passing fashion or to the influence of a single, charismatic figure. However, it is increasingly firm in its sense of itself. It possesses the energy, enthusiasm and, increasingly, the wisdom to make a positive difference in the world.

Effective Change Management training (change management foundation training and change management practitioner training) will provide needed understanding and knowledge to Change Managers to address above challenges and implement the change with appropriate preparation. 

The Effective Change Manager's Handbook provides guidance on above areas in sufficient detail. 

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