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Change and Learning

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Publised On:Jun 07, 2023


In today's dynamic business environment, change and learning are very closely linked.

Effective change managers are not expected to be specialists in training, learning and development. In many cases they will be able to work alongside such specialist colleagues, drawing on their expertise, experience and resources. However, the close connection between change and learning means that change managers do benefit greatly from a good working knowledge of learning theory, skills development, training planning and coaching. This enables them personally to address such issues when necessary, and to make the most effective use of specialist colleagues when they are available.

‘Training’ and ‘learning’ are terms that are often used quite interchangeably, however, not always in correct way.

When we speak of training, it focuses attention on the activity of the ‘trainer’, who is responsible for delivering ‘training’ to the ‘trainee’.

‘Learning’, on the other hand, approaches the issue from the other side. It focuses on the activity of the ‘learner’, who is no longer a passive ‘trainee’ but an active participant in the learning process.

The role of the former ‘trainer’ is now to create and facilitate an environment in which the learner engages effectively with what needs to be learned. Of course, in most real situations elements of both these paradigms operate together.

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