APMG Change Management V3

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Publised On:Apr 17, 2024

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Change management (abbreviated as CM by some) is concerned with preparing, supporting, and guiding individuals and organisations in bringing about organisational change (aka organisational transformation).

It is been over 17 years since APMG first started supporting professional qualification in Change Management and the Change Management Institute is nearly as old. In the meanwhile, the practice of change management and change leadership in organizations has developed and matured. 

A significant milestone was achieved in 2013 when the Change Management Institute published the first edition of the Change Management Body of Knowledge. The following year much work was done to develop a completely new qualification aligned with this new international professional standard. This resulted in a completely revised qualification being launched in early 2015. 

Nine years that have passed since then and Change Management theory and practice continue to be developed. Such developments have been supported by fresh research insights, observations by practitioners and various thought leadership forums. Naturally, the Change Management Institute has invested considerable energy in reviewing the Body of Knowledge and published a second edition in March 2022 - The Effective Change Manager, The Change Management Body of Knowledge. 

Responding to this development by CMI, APMG has tirelessly worked to revise and update the APMG syllabus and examinations to align with the 2022 edition of The Effective Change Manager, The Change Management Body of Knowledge. 

APMG has eventually produced a new Study Guide, simplifying the presentation of the examinable material for both training organizations and learners, which maps directly to the new examination syllabus and contains all that is needed to study for the updated APMG qualification. 

Based on this new Change Management Study Guide, APMG has released Change Management V3 Foundation and Practitioner qualifications. There is no change in the duration of the training, neither the specifications of exams have been changed. The only thing changed is the syllabus. 

Tecknologia will be publishing a separate writeup on the changes in syllabus of Change Management qualifications based on V3 release.