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ISO 20022 Fundamentals

Title: ISO 20022 Fundamentals

Duration: 1 Day

Certification Exam(s): Not Applicable

Accredited: No

Pre-course Reading: None

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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ISO 20022 Fundamentals Training Course

ISO 20022 is becoming the default standard used for exchange of payments and cash management messages. The new standard offer opportunities to improve the quality of the information exchanged. In turn, this allows for more transparency in the business, increased efficiency and compliance levels, and improved automation.

This course removes the mystery from ISO 20022, helps you understand why it matters, and lets you see how you can benefit from it.

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The ISO 20022 standard provides a methodology to describe business processes and a common business language, which can be rendered in different syntaxes enabling implementations for messaging and application programming interfaces (APIs). From a business point of view, the usage of this universal messaging standard improves efficiencies in delivering products and services.

This course is valuable for you, if: 

  • You are interested in information processing in the financial services industry.
  • You know something about how the financial industry works.
  • You have heard about ISO 20022 and you want to know more: what it aims to do; who uses it and why; how to use it yourself.
  • You regularly send or receive payment instructions, confirmations or statements in MT form and are therefore facing a global change to ISO 20022, starting at the end of 2022.

While some knowledge of the industry and the use of information processing might be helpful, we explain all the concepts and terms in this course.

Course Outline

Introduction to ISO 20022

  • This part introduces the key concepts of financial messaging, explains where ISO 20022 fits in, and outlines what makes it different from other standards.

ISO 20022 in Practice

  • This part focuses on the use of ISO 20022 – where it is currently being used, and for what; it also contains some helpful advice on implementation. ISO 20022 is changing the world of payments starting in November 2022, and this section tells you what you need to know.

The ISO 20022 Organization

  • Here we explain the ISO organization, and describe the various committees and working groups that together define, maintain and promote the standard.

ISO 20022 and SWIFT

  • This part describes SWIFT’s long relationship with the standard, and describes the ISO Adoption Program, and how it affects all institutions using SWIFT for payments starting in November 2022.

Why ISO 20022?

  • Finally, we give you ten good reasons why ISO 20022 is good for you and good for your business.

Who Should Attend?

Business analysts, back-office and IT managers, and staff from institutions such as distributors, transfer agents, fund administrators, portfolio managers, fund management companies, investor’s intermediaries and trustees.

Virtual classroom trainings are held using video conferencing software. A trainer leads the class for the duration of course. Delegates may attend the session using PC, laptop or tablets.

No, this course is not accredited by any certification body.

Tecknologia trainers are highly experienced practitioners with excellent training delivery capabilities. Our trainers are fully accredited by APMG for relevant training deliveries.

This instructor lead course includes following:

  • Training Delivery Over 1 Day
  • Course Material
  • Course Completion/ Attendance Certificate

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