Writing Effective User Stories

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Publised On:Jan 07, 2021


User Stories are the best-recommended way to capture user needs. Requirements change rapidly; that’s why user stories are place holders for conversation, encourages Business and Development to work on the user needs collaboratively.

In Agile requirements are stored in the Product Backlog. Product Backlog is an ordered list of all known items for product development. We refer to these items as Product Backlog Items (PBIs). 

The Product Owner is responsible for capturing these PBIs in a clear, concise and standard format, allowing Business and Development to collaborate on the details to develop, a shared common understanding of the user needs.

User Stories provide a proven effective method to capture user needs (PBIs). This course will help you write effective user stories to enable greater collaboration between your business and development teams.

  • User Story Journey (Lifecycle)
  • User Story writing formats
  • Characteristics of a Good User Story
  • Definition of Done and Ready
  • Applying INVEST

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