Selecting the Right Training Partner (What to Check)

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Publised On:Aug 29, 2020


Selecting the right training partner is the most important first step when you are about to embark upon a training or certification course. 

There are many organisations around which claim to be the biggest and greatest & the only ones which deserve to be receiving your hard earned money. Their sales team will go very close to harassing you to buy the course(s) from them. Once you buy a course, they will ring you numerous times to upsell more courses to you. 

Sales part may still be an easy one, surprises keep coming till after the training has been delivered. Safeguard your money by following these simple points.

Selecting right training partner, what to check?

  1. Training provider is accredited by the certification body (where applicable)
  2. Their trainers have accredited status
  3. Their trainers are experienced in delivering training in selected method (classroom, virtual classroom, in-house) of training delivery
  4. What is included in the price for course? (exams, instructor, training materials, support)
  5. Training materials and official handbooks are NOT considered to be the same by all training providers – be careful !
  6. Will you get the trainings materials (including official handbooks) before the training start?
  7. Is VAT included or excluded in the price agreed/ displayed on the website?
  8. When will exam be held?
  9. Who will book/ schedule the exam (training provider or yourself)?
  10. Check online reviews for the training provider, particularly the negative ones.
  11. Pay attention to the content of reviews. Some training providers are posting review which are not related to trainings but online invigilation - which is the last bit in the journey….

You prefer to learn the lesson the hard way? choice is yours !

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