Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Trainings by Tecknologia

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Publised On:Jul 03, 2021


Managing Successful Programmes is a globally recognised framework for best practice programme management. Programmes are temporary structures used by organizations to lead investments in change. 

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is specifically designed to address the most common challenges that organizations encounter when leading investments in change. It is designed to align programmes and projects to organizational strategy and to provide governance. It focuses on the outcomes of benefits, whilst mitigating risks and actively engaging stakeholders. 

MSP 5th edition emphasizes more flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle and thus enabling organizational agility. 

Managing Successful Programmes, MSP training courses by Tecknologia provide delegates with in-depth understanding of structured framework (for organizations of all sizes and from all sectors) to improve practices, offer better services and more effectively prepare for the future. These courses have been greatly appreciated by Tecknologia delegates for the knowledge, skills and quality that had been delivered through the sessions. 

Tecknologia continues to work on improving the quality of all trainings and keeping our delegates satisfied.