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Publised On:Apr 20, 2021


Change is inevitable. For many organizations change can become business as usual (BAU) activity, particularly in the current world in which organizations must adapt to remain competitive, evolve, or simply survive.

This all means that dealing with change and the impact of changes is a high priority for organizations. Change Management, as a discipline, guides how to prepare, equip and support individuals in order to successfully adopt change, which in turn drives organizational success, deliverables and outcomes. 

The Change Management Institute launched a new resource in 2013, The Effective Change Manager: The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK). based on international research and peer reviews, the CMBoK represents one of the best resources available to the professional Change Manager, as well as to organizations seeking to improve their change management capability.

APMG collaborated with the Change Management Institute, following the publication of the CMBoK in 2013, to develop examinable text for the CMBoK. Said collaboration resulted in the “Effective Change Manager's Handbook”, which was published in 2015. The Handbook has 13 chapters which reflect the 13 ‘knowledge areas’ of the CMBoK.

In April 2015, the Effective Change Manager's Handbook became the basis for APMG’s redeveloped syllabus for APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner exams. 

As a result of APMG and the Change Management Institute's collaboration, there are three key professional development opportunities available to change professionals:

  1. APMG Change Management Certifications
    1. Foundation
    2. Practitioner
  2. CMI Membership
  3. CMI Accreditation
    1. Foundation
    2. Specialist
    3. Master

The Change Management Institute recognised APMG Foundation and Practitioner level Change Management training courses as “Endorsed Courses”. Passing those exams is one way of addressing the knowledge requirement of Foundation level accreditation with the Change Management Institute.

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