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Change Management and Three Challenges

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Publised On:Jul 13, 2021


Change is often termed as planned set of activities, results of which can be anticipated to be achieved. Change can be planned and implemented in a planned manner. Transformation on the other hand is human transition from one state to the other which can't accurately be planned always. 

To understand how profound change can be nurtured and sustained requires us to understand the many self-reinforcing growth processes that will support and enable change, and the limiting processes that, if not addressed, will stunt or kill it (as per Senge, 1999).

The three profound challenge that Change Management must address are: 

1. Initiating change:

  • People feeling they do not have enough time
  • People finding insufficient coaching and support
  • People unable to see the relevance of the change
  • Problems with leaders not ‘walking the talk’.

2. Sustaining the transformation:

  • Anxieties about job security, learning, trusting others in new situations and loss of control
  • How to measure change, the tension between measurement as learning and as assessment
  • Using culture so that change in a pilot group is not seen as a ‘cult’ activity.

3. Redesign and rethinking:

  • Governance (for change programme and organization) as control – or as direction-setting
  • Spreading new practices effectively
  • Giving meaning to strategy and vision.

‘Profound change occurs when small-scale initiatives are skilfully nurtured by well-aligned leadership at all levels of the organization, and then spread.’

Effective Change Management training (change management foundation training and change management practitioner training) will provide needed understanding and knowledge to Change Managers to address above challenges and implement the change with appropriate preparation. 

The Effective Change Manager's Handbook provides guidance on above areas in sufficient detail. 

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