Pass Record for Agile Change Agent Training Courses

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Publised On:Jul 01, 2021


Tecknologia is pleased to confirm that it has maintained 100% pass record across all APMG Accredited Agile Change Agent Courses ever since it received the accreditation from APMG International.

Tecknologia is accredited by APMG International for all Agile Change Agent trainings.

Designed to bridge the gap between those that have studied the formal theories, models and methodologies of Agile project management and/or change management, and those who are looking for the practical application of effective agile and change management techniques. Based on the publication: “Agile Change Management - A practical framework for successful change planning and implementation” Agile Change Agent qualification widens the field, providing an entry into the world of Agile and change for all those in the business who are impacted, but whose day job continues to be a “business as usual” role. 

We are indeed grateful to our trainers and delegates who have helped us maintain this wonderful record.