Agile Change Agent Accreditation for Tecknologia

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Publised On:Sep 14, 2020


We are excited to announce that Tecknologia has achieved APMG accreditation for Agile Change Agent courses. We continue to expand our portfolio and serve our customers needs.

About Agile Change Agent Certification:

Current APMG courses/qualifications (AgilePM® and Change Management) are designed for those taking specific responsibility for a project/change initiative. Agile Change Agent qualification widens the field, providing an entry into the world of Agile and change for all those in the business who are impacted, but whose day job continues to be a “business as usual” role.

Designed to appeal to a broader audience, beyond those that identify as a Change or Project Manager

  • Provides practical understanding for managers and staff (Change and Transformation Management)
  • Entry for those who know about Agile but want to know about Change
  • Entry for those who know about Change but want to know about Agile

Designed to bridge the gap between those that have studied the formal theories, models and methodologies of Agile project management and/or change management, and those who are looking for the practical application of effective agile and change management techniques.