Funded Agile Trainings

If you have been recently made redundant or have been actively looking for a job for some time, you may be eligible for Funded Agile Trainings through Government employment support schemes.

You may be able to get funding for course(s) upto £1,000 + VAT - Tecknologia will subsidise the course(s) fees to assist you with your learning needs.

For eligibility criteria and other details please visit Further education courses and funding pages on Government website.

Steps Involved:

Step-1: Register with Jobcenter Plus

Get yourself registered with Jobcenter Plus and start looking for jobs.

Step-2: Find a Job Needing Agile Skills

Find the job that needs Agile skillset (e.g: Agile Project Management).

Step-3: Discuss with Tecknologia

Discuss your training needs and relevant training course(s) with Tecknologia. Get a quotation from Tecknologia for selected course(s).

Step-4: Funding Request and Approval by Jobcenter Plus

Request Jobcentre Plus for funding approval. Wait for request to be approved.

Step-5: Funding Approved - Book the Training

Once Jobcenter has approved your funding, connect with Tecknologia to book the course.

Step-6: Attend the Training

Attend the training with Tecknologia and get certified, increasing your chances of landing into the relevant job.

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